Chanar Payesh.

Chanar Payesh You can cook Chanar Payesh using 7 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chanar Payesh

  1. Prepare of milk.
  2. Prepare of Buffalo milk.
  3. You need of lemon juice.
  4. It’s of Sugar to taste.
  5. It’s of green cardamom powder.
  6. It’s of blanched and sliced pistachios.
  7. It’s of almond slivered.

Chanar Payesh instructions

  1. Boil milk in a pan on low heat till it reduces and thickens.
  2. Boil Buffalo milk in another pan.switch off heat, and add lemon juice and stir till it curdles..
  3. Strain through a muslim cloth in ice cold water.squeeze out excesswater..
  4. Transfer the chhana on a plate and mash with your hands..
  5. Add sugar and cardamom powder to the reduced milk,mix,well and cook till the sugar melts.add pistachios and almonds and switch off heat..
  6. Scrape off the sides and bottom of the pan into the milk,add chhana and mix well..
  7. Transfer pateshvari in bowl and refrigerate to chill..
  8. Serve chilled..
  9. Enjoy.
  10. Thanks..