Tahu and Tempe bacem/Very Indonesian favourite dish. We've received quite a number of requests for vegetarian recipe. Tahu & tempe bacem, which is translated as. Tofu and Tempeh are braised in aromatic spices and herbs and then pan-fried for a healthier version.

Tahu and Tempe bacem/Very Indonesian favourite dish The tofu and tempe are braised in coconut water and spices like coriander seeds I like the smell and taste of coriander seeds or we called it as ketumbar in Indonesian language. I think that's what makes this tahu dan tempe bacem special to me. Sayur Asem is a very popular vegetable soup dish in Indonesian cuisine. You can have Tahu and Tempe bacem/Very Indonesian favourite dish using 14 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Tahu and Tempe bacem/Very Indonesian favourite dish

  1. You need of block of Tahu/ Ta Kwa.
  2. Prepare of Block of Tempe.
  3. It’s of garlic.
  4. Prepare of candle nut.
  5. Prepare of small red onions.
  6. Prepare of 5 to 6 tablspoon of ABC Indonesian sweat sauce, or as needed.
  7. It’s of of gula malaka/coconut sugar to make the taste even better.
  8. It’s of salt and pepper to taste.
  9. It’s of Ginger,or ground ginger if you have.
  10. You need of galangal/yellow ginger.
  11. Prepare of serai/Lemon grass.
  12. It’s of Daun salam/ Indonesian salam leaf.
  13. You need of vegetable oil to fry the seasonings.
  14. Prepare of of water.

It has mixed taste of sour, sweet and spicy. Tahu bacem is a traditional meal from Mataraman area, Central of Java. Trova immagini stock HD a tema Tempe Tahu Bacem This Dish Originates e milioni di altre foto, illustrazioni e contenuti vettoriali stock royalty free nella vasta raccolta di Shutterstock. Tahu & tempe bacem, which is translated as marinated tofu and tempeh.

Tahu and Tempe bacem/Very Indonesian favourite dish step by step

  1. Grind the garlic, onion, candle nut untill smooth.
  2. Cut the Ta Kwa and tempe in to a medium quarter.
  3. Fry the grinder ingredients untill the smells come out.put in the ingredients, and fry it untill all the seasoning are smells good after that put in tha Ta Kwa and the tempe ABC sauce, salt pepper, coconut sugar, boiled until the water become sauce sticky., Serve it with hot rice..

One of the best ways to eat them, is with chili Tahu & tempe bacem. Tips Membuat Bacem Tahu Yang enak. Indonesians have been consumed tempe aka tempeh as an easy and cheap protein resource since a long time ago. Long before the western world promoted tempe as a non-meat protein resource for vegetarians. Tempe bacem and tahu bacem is Indonesian traditional food, sweet food that is famous in Central Java. rice tahu and tempe or food from soybean.