Vegetable Fritters (Bakwan Goreng). Crispy vegetable fritters or Bakwan is an Indonesian traditional food made from vegetables and wheat flour. We Indonesians often sell it with another kinds of fritters such as fried tofu filled with vegetables (tahu isi), fried spring rolls, crispy fried tempeh (tempe goreng), and many more. Bakwan in English means vegetable fritter snack, while jagung means corn.

Vegetable Fritters (Bakwan Goreng) INTRODUCTION Vegetable fritter is rather international. Almost all international cuisines will have some form of vegetable fritters. Easy recipe, simple side dish and tastes really good. You can have Vegetable Fritters (Bakwan Goreng) using 7 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Vegetable Fritters (Bakwan Goreng)

  1. You need of Cabbage, slice small.
  2. Prepare of carrots, slice thin to the size of matches.
  3. Prepare of beansprout (optional).
  4. You need of multipurpose flours.
  5. It’s of salt.
  6. You need of grounded pepper.
  7. Prepare of water.

Bakwan Jagung or Deep Fried Corn Fritters, are normally being sold from carts on street corners in Indonesia. Bakwan Jagung can be eaten on its own or dip it with chili sauce. Enjoy Bakwan Jagung as a snack! Let's start with the sweet variety of Gorengan.

Vegetable Fritters (Bakwan Goreng) step by step

  1. Create the flour by mixing flour and water. Add salt and pepper and taste test it. You want the dought to be watery and a bit pasty..
  2. Add the sliced vegetables into the flour dough and mix it untill even..
  3. Heat up oil in a pan and fry the mixed vegetables, approx 10x10cm. Flip when it became light brown..
  4. Serve with chili..

Now, let's move to the savory varieties of Gorengan; and Bakwan is one of the most favorite. There are two common varieties of Bakwan: Bakwan Sayur (assorted vegetables fritters) and Bakwan Jagung (corn fritters). Bakwan (Fried Vegetable), Bakpao (Meatbun), Bakso (Meatball), Bakmie (Meat Noodle), and bakpia (Mung bean pastry), what does "bak" mean on these Indonesian dishes? Why do they all start with "bak". From our last recipe post we learned that bakso means fluffy meat Qor minced meat, so if.